Growl Tiger & Co.
A fuzzy lion and his shenanigans


Hey Friday welcome back! Let’s have some window whiffies together




3 Responses to “Whiffies”

  1. Might be a bit chilly for window whiffies right now, GT. Some of us are still going outside, but there is ice in the mornings out there.

  2. EEoww GT me namz Nylablue in me iz in Canada….ne we haz had snow alreedy!!! BBRRRRR…Me n Mum thought we wuud stop by n say MEOW n share sum ‘whifflez’ thru da window wif ya….
    Yer quite a hansum mankat….
    We hopez ya check us out @ Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad…we wuud LUB to see ya!!
    Nylablue n Mum too

  3. I came to say thank you so much for the visit with loving comments when we lost our sweet boy. So appreciated and helped us so much. Hugs Carol x

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