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Mancat Monday

Hey Gang! Where has the time gone? Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

What have I been up to you ask? I recently went to that creepy place they call the vet to have my six month check up. My blood levels didn’t go up much so my CRF isn’t advancing thankfully. The vet told my people to try to get me to eat the special renal food again, which failed miserably because I won’t even take one tiny bite! Not even mixed in with my precious fancy feast. I’m even being super picky about which fancy feast I will eat so they just open can after can to keep me eating something because I’m losing weight. Win for the kitty!

I did get diagnosed with a mild case of gross ear and they sent my people home with a cold liquid to torture me with once a day for a couple weeks. I’m not itching at my ears anymore so it must have helped.

Other than that I’ve just been having some nice outside time, napping and getting the pets I require!

GT outside


4 Responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. We’re glad you’re holding steady re: the CRF. Your humans have checked out Tanya’s CRF site, right?

    The best food isn’t going to make a bit of difference if you don’t eat it, so we say eat whatever you like, whatever gets the calories into you!


  2. I agree with Fuzzy Tales – it is a great site 😀 and I have to say…. WE HATE that cold ear thing. Mom tortured Bugsy with it for a while TWICE a day. Awful what hoomans do to us.

  3. Oh TIger, eat, baby eat!! You need to keep up strength to enjoy your naps in the sun puddles; paw pats, Savannah

  4. There have been times when a Cat Who Came Before ate something he dint like much after TBT warmed it up a little bit. Or stuck a fingertip of it in the sides of his mouth.

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