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Tough Tuesday

Dudes, it’s snowing again! My humom said several inches on top of ice! I told her to bring me the weatherman so I can give him the bitey, but she refused, saying that just won’t help us. Wake me up when it’s really spring!!




This is not my GOOD side. Serious Elvis lip!



9 Responses to “Tough Tuesday”

  1. We don’t blame you! We’d be snoozing with all the cold white stuff, too!

  2. OMC, we’d be picking up and moving. It’s not warm here, but at least our snow is gone (this week…for now…lol) and daffodils and hyacinths are blooming!

    BTW, we want to know if you snore….

  3. You look very comfy. Enjoy your nap and get rested up. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Wait it out, that snow will go away eventually! Hang in there.

  5. Your Elvis look is the perfect response to the evil snow: “Ehhh…just GO AWAY Snow!”

  6. Oh noes! GT more snows! You must live in Canada? I know Nylablue has had more snow and she loves in Ontario. And your fat lip looks like my before me brofur Boris…he used to get fat lip from being allergic to plastic and even stainless steel! You are still bootiful!

  7. Hey Tiger, Come by my bloggy today, Monday APril 29. I have a family award for you my furriend.

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