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Mancat Monday

Howdy kitties! I hope you had a lovely turkey day. I didn’t get any turkey and my peeps were gone all day, so I guess it wasn’t very good for me! I just got an extended nap time in.

This week my mom is going away to a convention so it will be Man week at my place, just me and my dear daddy-o.

Purr we make it through ok!


9 Responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. Maybe you can convince your dad to give you turkey, or even chicken. He can always buy a little roasted chicken from a deli counter at a grocery store, if he doesn’t cook. 🙂

  2. What?! No turkey?? Why??

  3. Surely you can get your dad to give you extra treats while mom is away.

  4. Hope you and Dad are having fun! You can do lots of fun mancat stuff together until your Mom gets back. Maybe a turkey Fancy Feast will make up for missing Turkey Day…

  5. Does being home alone with Dad means great snacks?

  6. Hope you’re making through the holiday season with lots of naps thrown in! Purrs…

  7. We bet you and your dad find something fun to do. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Thanks so much for visiting us! You are a gorgeous kitty! Our Simba loves his daddy too. Man Week looks like it was pretty good.

  9. purrrsonsally, I don’t like turkey or chicken…well, at least not the stuff the bipeds eat. I luvluvluv it in my Fancy Feast…and I think you and Daddy-O are gonna have some fun time!! Woo Hoo

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