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Back and at ’em

My peeps are home, but they are lazy! Taking so long to update my blog is totally lame.

I want to thank you all for coming to my party!! We had a blast! The peeps had to clean up the mess when they got back, but that serves them right for leaving anyway!

Here are some more shots of me and my plastic bags. The people are not allowed to take them away because I like them so much. I like to “Maru” into them to chase my toys!


4 Responses to “Back and at ’em”

  1. Plus they suit you well 😉

  2. glad everyone is back!! Be careful with that plastic!

  3. Our Dad doesn’t let us play with plastic bags much, but every paper bag he gets he leaves open on the floor for us. Most of the time, they only last a day or two before someone (cough, Billy, cough) destroys them.

  4. OMC! Be furry furry careful with plastic baggies! We could lose you! And thank you so much for the email follow button! Paw pats, Savannah

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