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Thursday in the Garden

Kitties, What is one to do when their person sucks at updating your blog?! My person is being such a flake. She says it is because she got a new day job and can’t do my posts at work anymore. How weak! She should tell her boss she obviously needs time for kitty blogs! She has even resorted to looking at all your blogs on her phone. Those pictures aren’t big enough to do any of us justice!! Anyway, I’m giving her a hard time until she gets back into it.

Here is the tail of disrespect!

I have been getting to go outside so that is good. I like to sniff the planties and nom on the chives!


4 Responses to “Thursday in the Garden”

  1. We love you and miss you but tell your Mom that her JOB (and KEEPING said job, is waaay more important than blogging!!) Have a great weekend!

  2. GT, you look so nice out there amidst the pretty plants. We hope your mom finds a little more free time once she’s settled in at the new job – work is such an interference in our real lives!

  3. Well, look at it this way. Ya got some live stuff ta look at over the balcony. Some kitties (not us) dont. So thats good.

  4. We think every boss should allow some blogging time…seems only right. Oh, we love the pictures of you sniffing the plants. Hugs and nose kisses

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