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Tuckered Tuesday

Kitties, we haz the mega hotz!! My person says this is like the 5th day in a row of over 100 degrees! She wishes she could stay home with me in the cool place, but she has to go out and earn money to feed my whiny butt

The other night I got one can of food, wouldn’t eat it, whined for another fresh can of food, wouldn’t eat it. She was so mad at me, but I kept whining. Third can of food I finally ate it! I’m not telling what was wrong with those first two cans, sometimes I just like to be picky!


5 Responses to “Tuckered Tuesday”

  1. We’ll send you a bit of cooler weather (though are hots are coming back on Thursday).

    As for the food, it’s our right to be discerning. Not “picky.” 🙂

    Plus, sometimes companies do make changes to their food, or you get an “off” can — something the humans couldn’t detect but that we could. So it could have been that too.

  2. We can’t afford to be picky here! Too many siblings…

  3. Growly, you’re so cute I would even let you try a dozen cans of food!

  4. you poor baby! I hope your “hotz” go away soon! We are gonna be in the 90s starting tomorrow for a few days and I HATE IT! I stay inside when it is hot because I don’t have a job!!!!

    sometimes kitties just have to keep their Mama’s on their toes and refuse food that the other day we LOVED!

  5. We understand this post. We are having triple digits here too. You would get along well with our Patches she is picky and will refuse to eat for days if she doesn’t get what she wants. Hugs and nose kisses

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