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Tucked in Tuesday

Kitties, I left the biggest pile of puke for my person this morning. I think it was my whole dinner from last night. She was not pleased! I woke her up yowling because I was obviously starving since I had yaked up all my dinner from the night before. Hopefully I don’t lose my breakfast too. She thinks it may have been the little bit of milk I got before bed time. Bad idea person! Even though I like it so much…

On a lighter note, here is the cutest picture of me and my man person EVER! This was when I came home from the hospital the first time. I was so glad to be home and snuggling!


6 Responses to “Tucked in Tuesday”

  1. We hope you don’t yak up your Breakfast!! That is a cute picture. It’s nice to snuggle with your man person!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  2. We hope it all stays down. And that is a very cute photo of you!

  3. Hope you’re feeling way better now. Being sick is never fun but it does happen. Peeps just need to learn to deal, I think. purrs

  4. I’m really sorry that you yakked up your dinner last night. I hope breakfast stayed down. That is the cutest picture ever of you cuddling your male human.

  5. Bein arms make really good pillows. As long as they dont move around…

  6. Sorry you had the pukies and we hope you are all better now. That picture is just adorable! hugs and nose kisses

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