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All Better

Thank you again kitties for all the well wishes! I am doing great! My wound is almost completely gone so luckily I won’t need to see the vet again to get it sewn up as originally thought. I am pretty much over my cold too.

So many sad things going on, makes my humans glad I am doing much better.

I went outside for the first time since I got sick and found a new resting spot. This means one person had no where to sit haha!

No I will not get off your chair mom. I am quite content here

We are purring arty mouse comes home soon!


6 Responses to “All Better”

  1. That’s an awesome chair! We wouldn’t get out of that, either.

    We’re SO glad you’re better now! GREAT news!

  2. You know what? I think that chair looks like it was meant for you, in the first place. Just look how well the colour of the trim goes with your fur coat! So glad you’re feeling better. I’m purring for little Arty Mouse, too. purrs

  3. We are so glad to hear that the Boo-Boo is about all gone! And it looks like ya found a really good nappin chair outside…

  4. We are really glad you’re doing better!! We bet you’re happy you don’t need another trip to the v-e-t!

    We take turns stealing mama’s office/computer chair. Stealing the humans’ chairs is a fun hobby 😉

  5. I am really glad that you are so much better. It’s cool to take the bean’s chair. I do it all the time.


  6. Delighted that you’re nearly better now, and we don’t blame you for pinching a chair – you’ve got to put yourself first when you’re recuperating.

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