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Wonderful Wednesday

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments! Yesterday I went outside on the patio for the first time in several weeks, so I must be almost golden, except I’m still sneezy. My mom thinks it’s only fair to share with you a photo of my boo boo.

My furs are growing back slowly. Too slowly if you ask me! It’ll be a good day when I stop hearing “have you looked at his bum today?”

edit: look at this cute picture Gracie made for me! She is so nice!


14 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. Aw, GT! Äiti just wants to pick you up and cuddle you. We of course just want to sniff your butt, in the nicest, friendliest way possible. Äiti didn’t get round to commenting yesterday but we send you loads of love and macho mancat healing purrs. And the sooner you can have a quiet sit down in the litter box without it hurting like hell, the better.

  2. GT, we’re sorry to hear you are having some problems and now have a cold! We are purring that you are feeling better…and back to normal real soon!

  3. Sending many and many purrs and much love (even the dogs wagged their tails) for an uneventful and speedy recovery. Owie, your boo-boo looks hurty.

  4. So glad you are doing better!

  5. Hi Growl,

    My name is Oskar & I’m here to wish you a speedy recovery! I hope the spring season helps your healing along quickly.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. We just heard about your boo-boo and illness. We wanted to offer our purrs that you’ll feel much better soon.

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. Wow, GT, thats one mean looking Boo-Boo. I fact, it might even be a YOGI! Hope it heals up fast…

  8. We were sad to hear about your sore bum and cold. We’re sending healing purrs and scritches to you.

  9. We are sorry you have had such a sore boo-boo and hope you will feel much better soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. We are purring furry loudly that you gets over your sneezes. Your ‘tock looks like it is on the mend from a furry nasty owie! Me sure hopes you is all better real soon! Me finks deck time is the best healing medicine!

  11. Dear GT, we are thinking of you and sending you big, big purrs and prayers for your good health and for all to heal with ease. Take care of yourself little buddy and please feel better quickly. We are happy that you got to go out on the patio for some sunshine.

  12. Purrs for speedy healing. You’re too cute to be feeling bad, sweety!

  13. Sweet GT, how are you doing? We are purring and purring!

  14. Wow! You have had a very rough time of it. We are glad you are doing better now. We will be purring for you.

    Peanut and Marshmallow

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