Growl Tiger & Co.
A fuzzy lion and his shenanigans

Cats on Tuesday

Oh my life is so hard!




7 Responses to “Cats on Tuesday”

  1. We certainly see how tough you have it! Odd, isn’t it, how so many of us cats have similarly difficult lives. ;-P

  2. Love the photo and I came over to check out to see if yo are a tabby kittie. You sure like a very beautiful golden plus white to me. Email a photo and I will get working on your badge. On the 23 we are having a show us your yawn day. So get the human crackin on trying to catch you.

  3. Oh yes, it reall y looks like a hard life! :o)

    I looked at your previous post, so adorable all snuggled under the blanket sound asleep!

  4. Oh yeah, GT…we can see how tough you got it!! 😉

  5. Yeah, it takes WERK ta stay in the sunpuddles… We unnerstand.

  6. OH! But you are GORGEOUS!!!! (My mom will probably have to move me to another part of the bed too…but she hadn’t the heart last night.)

  7. Oh yes…I understand. Mine too. xxoo

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