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Mancat Monday

This post is in honor of Lautrec who has left for the bridge so quickly.

We are very sad for his family, he was a lovely kitty and one of our favorite blogs.



It was an interesting weekend kitties. On saturday it snowed. My people went to put away the christmas stuff and it was an almost blizzard outside! Here is as close as I got to the christmas stuff



Then on Sunday, in typical Colorado fashion, it was sunny town! So I had some window time



I am one with the window


then nap time of course



3 Responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. We are purring for Lautrec’s family, we will all miss him very much.

    We love you becoming one with the window!

  2. We love your “one with the window!” hahaha!

    But yes, it was awful that Lolo passed so quickly, poor sweetie. Our mom adored him and is very sad, we’re purring for his family.

  3. We are very sad that Lolo has left us…we purr for his family.

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