Growl Tiger & Co.
A fuzzy lion and his shenanigans

Whisker Hump Wednesday


These pics also show my snaggle Elvis lip too! MOL



i really should’ve cleaned my nose too darn it


6 Responses to “Whisker Hump Wednesday”

  1. You certainly do have splendid whisker humps! And a cute snaggle lip as well. 🙂

  2. Don’t you just hate it? Probably some hot chick kitty is looking too! Thanks for stopping by! We’re happy to meet you and hope to see more of you soon.

  3. Your snaggle lip just makes you so handsome!! Your whisker humps are magnificent!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. The Elvis lip is VERY impressive. Too bad about the nose. Thats the sort of thing ya only notice when ya see the picture later…

  5. Thank you for your kind message about Lucy – she seemed to be getting a little better but has taken to a shelf in a cupboard again! The vet says it will take time but she is so sad and depressed I just want to wave a wand and make her better. We will come back and see your blog again and hope you will visit us again when you have time.
    Luv Hannah (and Lucy) xx xx

  6. We never realized you had an Elvis lip, GT! Very cool!!

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