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A fuzzy lion and his shenanigans

Thankful Thursday

We wish we were celebrating Gardening Thursday! but instead I am thankful for bags to lay on! We are also thankful it is near the end of the week!



My people think it’s funny I like to lay on crinkly things


5 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. MOL… Not just your human who laf, Me do laf too : )

    PS : Thanks to visit me and wish me well

  2. Bags are good too! If we hadda decide between bags an gardens, we would probly choose bags.

    No offense ta gardens, of course…

  3. We like to lay on bags too…and sometimes we like to crawl in them too!

  4. Woops! Our comment went to the wrong post! Marshmellow loves to lay on crinkly things too. Cats and crinklies go together

  5. Bags are so comfy, and it sure looks like you are enjoying yours!!!

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