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Happy Halloween!

This is the best my people could do to get me dressed up. We were playing with the ribbon and suddenly i was being humiliated!



hope everyone has a spooktacular day!


8 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. LOL! Yeah, our mom doesn’t even make any attempt to dress us up–she knows better than to try. 😀

    Have a happy and safe Halloween!

  2. Beans can be such a pain! Happy Halloween!

    Luf, Us

  3. You look too cute to be humiliated. Happy Halloween!

  4. Haha! You look silly, GT!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. You look handsome, even when you’re being humiliated, GT! 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Hi GT! It was really nice to meet you. Thank you for the Purrthday wishes. I hope you got lots of treats for Halloween. It was a pleasure meeting you & I hope to see you again!
    Purrs, Mica Minnie Moo

  7. You are a good sport, for sure! It’s better than wearing a hat I thinks. Did you get any tuna or other goodies in your treat bag? Happy Halloween!

  8. Happy Halloween to you all!

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