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Mancat Monday

It was a good weekend, we had wonderful weather. My people went to the zombie crawl on saturday. If you ask me this sounds very scary! They didn’t dress up, just went to watch. There were thousands of ghouls!

you can see more pics here

Denver Zombie Crawl



while they were away i did this

Hope everyone has a good week!















5 Responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. We are with you! Sleepin sounds a lot better than seeing a mob of scarey zombies!!!

  2. Hello there! That looks like what i did today. Just hanging out! I did get in trouble a bunch because i kept trying to eat the schnau’s food. But really- if he doesn’t eat it fast enough it’s fair game right? right?! thanks for stopping by my bloggy!!! I hope you visit again 🙂

    Hope you stop by and visit my Halloween Contest too- it’s going on right now, and you don’t have to dress up to enter- there are all kinds of fun categories!! We would love to see you! CLICK HERE to go to the contest and check it out!!!

  3. We’d rather do what you did than to watch some scary zombies!!

  4. Wethinks your way is better – and those humans look weird (they were humans, right?).

  5. Looks like the crowd at a Raiders game.

    Sleeping through the excitement sounds like a the right way to handle things.

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