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naughty saturday

just hanging out today, being a bad kitty. my person had to take the man person to the airport at 4am! so i thought it was breakfast time, nope. then she gets back and i think its breakfast time. no she just goes back to bed! so i wake her at 7:30am with my beautiful meow songs and she gets up to feed me, then goes back to bed! i then decide she has slept long enough at about oh 11:30 and begin my songs again. she relentlessly gets up, but does not feed me, how rude! oh yeah, and walking out of the bedroom i had pooed on the floor. that’ll teach her to sleep in late!

my person is not pleased with me today people, but i am still pretty



3 Responses to “naughty saturday”

  1. What? She didn’t feed you at 4AM? Seriously? And not when she got back? You need to work on training your human better. Really. Come and stay with us a while and you’ll get the hang of it. ;-P

  2. She REALLY should have fed you each time she was up. Beins should NEVER miss an opportunity like that…

  3. We love your tactics!

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