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Mr. Tigger’s MIA Day

I want to comment on a cat blogosphere happening today – MIA day.

I did lose a cat once. It was 1995 and my mom and I had moved to Colorado to start our new life. My dad was still in Florida stuck with packing up the house and moving our stuff out here. We had three cats, Benny, Joon and Booger and one dog, Heidi. When the moving day came my dad had Benny, and had decided to leave Joon with the people who rented our house. I don’t know why now. He wanted to bring Booger, but he had run away. He searched and searched but eventually couldn’t wait any longer for him and had to leave. It was very sad for all of us that Booger couldn’t come to Colorado with us as he was a very unique cat, very cute and loving, tho somewhat feral. Definitely an outdoor lover. I can’t remember exactly  how we got him now but I think we might’ve found him outside in the woods and just brought him home. Anyway, my dad and I still reminisce about Booger the cat and how he would like to sleep up against the door folded in half almost. We thought he was part manx also as he had a bend in the middle of his tail, like it should’ve been a short tail, but really it could’ve been broken we have no idea. I have some film pictures printed of him somewhere….

So here’s to you Booger and all those other missing/lost cats! I hope you had a long and good life without us watching over you. We missed you!!


One Response to “Mr. Tigger’s MIA Day”

  1. Our purrs that Booger found a good new home in the area and is lovin life. Sometimes things happen…

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