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Tummie & toes Tuesday

this morning i woke Person A up at 3:45am. you know a guy needs snacks when its obviously not snack time duh! She called me up onto the bed where we snuggled for a bit, but 5 mins later, just as she had fallen back asleep, i was back to meowwwwwwing for snacks! so she kicked me out and I had to wait until 7am for breakfast 😦 life is hard with no thumbs friends. why can’t I eat whenever I want?! oh crunchies in the bowl? those aren’t good enuf!


I want to thank everyone for visiting me! It’s nice to meet all of you 🙂


8 Responses to “Tummie & toes Tuesday”

  1. You do realize our mom is swooning over your belly floof and gorgeous toesies, right? You’re lucky she can’t get to you to smooch you!

  2. We had to come and visit you, since you visited us and left us a nice comment. Teri says she wishes she could retire so SHE could eat whenever she meowed and could nap as much as us, too. You are very handsome and kinda remind us of our Spottie, RIP…

  3. I am so in love with pictures of sleeping cats. There’s just nothing sweeter!

  4. That is one snorglicious tummy you have there!!

  5. My catness, look at those wonderful toes and a terrific tummy picture for today!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  6. Well hello there! Nice to meet ya, and thanks for stopping by! It seems like we attended the same feline finishing school as I have some of the same early morning antics as you…My Human says you have a great tummy!

  7. Great tummy an toesie pictures, GT!

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