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Manic Monday

Is it really monday again? are my people really going to be gone allll day again!? I guess I’ll just nap in my hammick and lay in the sun like I do every other day! MOL



They won’t find me in here!



What did we do this weekend?

The people went out on Friday and on Saturday and Sunday we napped together. it was lovely!



6 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. Hey! We like target bags too! Well sometimes we get in trouble beause we chew on them. Mama tells Marshmellow if he swallows it, he will choke.
    Mama said thank goodness that crisco oil had a lid on it!

  2. It’s terrific to meet you! Thanks for visiting us at Fuzzy Tales. We know some vets say dry food will scrape the tartar off teeth, but from the mom’s reading, cats eat differently than dogs do, so it’s very questionable as to whether this is accurate. Our own vet has said the same, a few years ago, but in spite of getting kibble and canned (and having been fostered on kibble before adoption), we both needed multiple tooth extractions not that long ago. Nicki had 8 teeth out in November 2009, at 3 years of age, and Derry had 9 teeth out in June 2010, also at 3 years of age. Lots of deep infection, really bad. So eating kibble sure didn’t help us! We wish you luck with that….Purrsonally, we’re starting to suspect it’s all the carbs in cat food that are rotting kitty teeth, but that’s our theory only.

    BTW, are you linking in your posts on the Cat Blogosphere? If you’d like to meet other blogging kitties and haven’t found the CB yet, it’s at

  3. Thanks for coming to visit us. Mahoney especially thanks you. Her little leg really hurts her. That looks like such a good place to nap. We love our ham-micks too. They make for a wonderful nap. Do put your posts on the Cat Blogosphere. It is a really special bunch of people. If you can’t figure out how to leave your link, let me know. Take care.

  4. No one will EVER find that bushy orange tail of yours….nope.

  5. Looks like some shopping was done over the weekend, too! Brighton and Disco will eat bags, so we don’t get to ‘enjoy’ them like you do…

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