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Thoughts of Gardening Thursday

My people do not have a garden since we live in an apartment, but once upon a time we lived in a place that had a “yard”. They would hang outside and let me explore. I think I loved it but have forgotten how nice it was since it was so long ago….




my people promise me that one day we will have a real yard where i can explore and lay in the sun and where they can grow herbs and veggies, whatever those are.


3 Responses to “Thoughts of Gardening Thursday”

  1. Thanks for visiting me! Hey, I don’t have a garden either, but I do have a nice yard, but I am not allowed out. There is tons to watch though!

  2. We have a garden, but we don’t get to go out in it! Teri says too many bugs and introoders! Teri swooned over that 2nd photo of you, said it was ‘centerfold’ material and very Autumnal, too and would be pretty on a calendar!

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