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Wordy Whisker Hump Wednesday


yesterday was very eventful for me and my persons …. in maybe not such a good way. First I barfed up my breakfasts and person A had to clean that up when she got home from work. It was quite a lot of barf in many piles. oops! Surely it must’ve been the awful foods she gave me.

Then I had my dinners, then some time passed and I went to the potty room. Then I came running out of the potty room as I usually do in a so un-mancat way and Person B went to investigate to make sure I had not tracked out some poo out of the potty room. What he discovered was quite gross I must admit, but I only have paws and do not know how to operate toilet paper! The persons pinned me down and began to wipe my bottom. It soon became apparent this was not going to work, so they got out the scissors! People I tell you it was awful and humiliating at the same time, for all of us! Person B held me in his arms upside down so Person A could try to clean up the mess. They finally let me go so I retreated to my hidey hole to finish up the cleaning work. I did eventually forgive them and they seemed thankful. I can not hold a grudge against those who feed and pet me!

I hope you still like me people, I’m sure I’m not the only kitteh with this fuzzy bottom problem.



3 Responses to “Wordy Whisker Hump Wednesday”

  1. Hello, Marshmellow speaking. I feel for you, i been through this humiliatiion many times. I forgive my mom too. After all what can I expect. She’s just a human.

  2. We’re short haired kitties, so we don’t have that many problems like that. But some of the other kitties that used to be here had long(ish) hair, and every so often Dad would have to ‘surround’ one of them to remove a dingleberry or two. Not much fun for anyone.

  3. Oh, the humiliation! Teri is glad us nakedy cats are bare back there. There was a time when Disco used to poo on his tail cuz he curled it under his ‘poop shute’…there, did that make you grin?!

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